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CJ Walker Counseling
 (972) 200-4798
I have experience in working with a variety of issues including:

  - Anxiety (panic, persistent worries, social anxiety, chronic pains)
  - ADHD
  - Depression
  - Relationship difficulties (spouse/partner, friends, co-workers, family)
  - Major life transitions (divorce, retirement, new parent, graduating, career)
  - Trauma recovery
  - Academics
  - Coping skills
  - Grief and Loss (death, divorce, job loss, sickness or health status)
  - Breaking maladapative patterns of behavior or habits and thoughts
  - Emotional component of financial struggles
  - Oppositional Defiance Disorder
  - Divorce
  - Empowerment and improving work and life performance
 - Career Counseling

Individual Psychotherapy

I work with teens and adults to clarify and achieve life goals. While each client’s therapeutic work looks different, in general, we work towards identifying and understanding the obstacles blocking their way from moving forward. This is accomplished through unconditional positive regard, which enables you to see obstacles more objectively and dismantle them more effectively. 

My roles in this process are to:

  - strive towards understanding you, your perspective, and situation
  - ask explorative and challenging questions to help deepen understanding of your situation and goals
  - provide useful suggestions and information based on my educational and clinical expertise 
  - support and empower you through the entire process of exploration and change

Couples Therapy

I work with motivated couples to develop effective communication skills, process unresolved emotional injuries, and create healthy relational habits. Couples therapy is not about blame; it's about gaining insight to what's eroding trust in a loving relationship.

Workshops and Presentations

I am available to provide presentations to your group on a variety of topics including:

  - Stress and Anxiety Management
  - Mindful Living
  - Maintaining Healthy Relationships
  - Managing the Work-Life Balance
  - Mindfulness: Introduction & Interventions
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